VCAP6 – Datacenter Virtualization Deployment Study Guide

With the VCAP6 Exams about to be released, I have been spending the last couple of months studying for the VCAP6 – Datacenter Virtualization Deployment Exam. Since I already hold a VCAP5 in Datacenter design, I will automatically be upgraded to VCIX6-DCV status when I (hopefully) pass the Deployment exam. An overview of upgrade paths from v5 to v6 is listed here.
VCIX6 Upgrade Paths

One of the key things I do to prepare for any VMware exam is simple, Read the Blueprint! Basically, if its in the Exam, it will be in the Blueprint.

VMware Blueprints use to be available in PDF format for offline reading, but now are only web based. As I get distracted easily I would prefer to study offline, with a hard copy of the Blueprint guide and all related documentation.

I have found the best way to prepare myself is to download the blueprint and put it in Excel format, along with a self assesment of how competent I am at the topics. The simple grading I use is as follows

  • High – Have done the objective without assistance or documentation
  • Medium – Could do the objective by reading it.
  • Low – Need to Lab the Objective first and learn it.

In addition to this, I add a link to the Official VMware Documentation and Page with instructions on how to complete the Objectives.

To save everyone some time, I have created an Excel Copy of the VCAP6 – DCV Deployment Blueprint along with Links to the exact VMware documentation pages on how to complete the Objectives. As the Deployment Exam is purely lab based and focused on Administration and not design, this is what you need to learn.


Even though the Exam is currently in Beta, I don’t believe the objectives will change much for the Final Exam when it is released. Some of the Documentation I have links to are from the GA version of vSphere 6 whilst some are from Update 1. Even though Update 2 is now out along with updates to some documentation, the concepts will be the same in regards to the Lab Exam.

Here is the link to VMware’s beta blueprint for VCAP6 – Datacenter Virtualization Deployment

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Deployment Beta Exam

And here is a copy of my Excel Guide for the Exam.

VCAP6 – Deploy Blueprint Study Guide

Happy Studying!

  • Thanks for the document.
    While preparing for my exam i am not able to resolve one question. please help me out if you know the answer.
    Question: i have host profile and i have to update this host profile from it’s reference host. but reference host is not given so how to identify reference host for the given host profile?

    • quinney_david

      A reference host is not always required. It’s possible the reference host was created on another vCenter instance, then exported therefore it will not be identifiable. The purpose of a reference host is to create one host with a known good configuration and then ‘clone’ it to a host profile which can then be applied to other hosts. It’s totally possible to create a host profile from scratch without using a reference, but it will be more work and leave room for error. Hope that clears it up for you.