How to change CVM resources on Nutanix CE using virsh

I setup nutanix community edition today in my homelab, and I was interested in looking at how to change both CVM vCPU and vRAM count.  By default my CVM was running 4vcpu and 12GB of RAM, and I wanted to change this to 8vcpu and 15GB RAM (my CE whitebox is running a 8 core Atom CPU and 16GB RAM)

KVM is very new to me, so for my own documentation sake here are the steps I used.

SSH onto the KVM hypervisor using your favorite SSH client, in my case KVM was running on IP address, whilst the CVM was using

Logon using default nutanix KVM credentials of

Username: root

Password: nutanix/4u

First run virsh list to get the name of your Nutanix CVM, in my case it is NTNX-72c234e3-A-CVM

virsh list

Next, run virsh dominfo NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM to confirm number of CPU’s and RAM

To change the amount of RAM, in my case I increased from 12GB to 15GB, run the following commands and substitute the approriate CVM name

#Shutdown CVM

virsh shutdown NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM

#Set vRAM (There should be two  – -dashes before config)

virsh setmaxmem NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM 15G – -config

virsh setmem NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM 15G – -config

#start VM again

virsh start NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM

To change the amount of CPU’s, edit the virsh XML file.

#edit virsh xml

virsh edit NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM

cpu change

This will open the VM XML file using vi editor, use the following commands to edit the file (I always forget how to edit in vi, so I will show the steps here for my own sake)

  1. Press “i” to enter insert mode
  2. Use the arrow keys to move to the following line <vcpu placement=’static’>4</vcpu>
  3. Change the 4 to whatever you want, in my case I did 8
  4. Press “esc” to exit insert mode
  5. Type “:wq” to write out and save the file

#Shutdown the Nutanix CVM

virsh shutdown NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM

#Start the Nutanix CVM again

virsh start NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM

Run virsh dominfo again to confirm the changes were successful

virsh dominfo NTNX-72c243e3-A-CVM

virsh dom info

In most cases with Nutanix CE, the defaults are 99% OK for most people.  So test to see if it’s really required to increase or decrease CVM resources according to required workload and hardware specifications.  In my case I saw no difference so I set the defaults back